The Sphero Authorizer platform is an identity provider for Sphero accounts. Identity providers like Sphero Authorizer allow users to safely share some of their personal information with third-party mobile apps and websites. Sphero built the Authorizer platform to allow its customers to access features and experiences which require an account, without the hassle of creating a new account for each app. Sphero Authorizer can also be used by parents to allow their children to access specific apps, while controlling what information about their child is shared.

Account Basics

Sphero Authorizer accounts can be created from scratch or by importing information from another identity provider like Google. It is important to note that if you create an account from scratch and later sign in using an identity provider, you will have two separate accounts. At this time there is no way merge those accounts.

The Sphero Authorizer platform currently supports Google as a 3rd party identity provider. Additional identity providers may be added in the future.

Managing Your Account

How old do I need to be to create an account?

You must be thirteen years or older to create a Sphero Authorizer account. Children twelve years or younger may have their parent create an account and authorize accounts on their behalf.

How do I sign into my Sphero Authorizer account?

You may sign in directly to the Sphero Authorizer platform by visiting https://accounts.sphero.com/signin in a browser, or by selecting the “Sign in with Sphero Authorizer” option within supported mobile applications and websites.

How do I confirm my account?

After creating your account, the Sphero Authorizer platform will send an account confirmation email using the address you provided during the account creation process. Clicking the link within the email will take you to a special webpage where you can confirm your account. The account confirmation step is required only once.

I never received my account confirmation email.

If you have not received your email you may request a new one to be sent, by following the steps on this webpage: https://accounts.sphero.com/confirmation/resend.

How do I sign out of my account?

You may sign out of Sphero Authorizer by selecting the sign out link located in the top right corner of the interface.

I think someone hacked my account or is using it without my permission.

If you have lost control of your account, please send an email to abuse@sphero.com and someone will contact you.

My account has become locked.

The Sphero Authorizer platform automatically locks accounts after a certain number of failed sign in attempts. This is done to prevent those with malicious intent from gaining access to an account using a brute-force method. Locked accounts may be unlocked by following the steps on this webpage: https://accounts.sphero.com/unlock/resend.

How do I change my profile image?

The Sphero Authorizer platform uses the Gravatar service to display profile images. You may change your profile image on the Gravatar site. Be sure to use the Gravatar account which has the same email as your Sphero Authorizer account.

How do I change the email address associated with my account?

Once you have signed in, you can change your email address by following the steps on this webpage: https://accounts.sphero.com/account.

It says my email address is already taken.

Email addresses must be unique across all accounts in the Sphero Authorizer platform. Therefore, you cannot create an account which uses an email that is already in the Sphero Authorizer database. If your email already exists, it can mean that you previously created an account from scratch, or you signed in using an identity provider like Google that shared your email address. In either case you can simply reset the password to the account in question to gain access.

How do I cancel my account?

If you decide to cancel your account you may do so by clicking the “delete my account” button on the edit profile screen. https://accounts.sphero.com/account. Deleting your account will also mean that may not be able to sign in to previously authorized apps using the Sphero Authorizer platform.

Managing Your Password

What is an acceptable password strength?

Strong passwords are essential in protecting your account. Therefore, at a minimum all valid Sphero Authorizer passwords must be at least eight characters long and include at least one number and one special character from the following choices !+_-.

How do I change my password?

Once you have logged into the Sphero Authorizer platform, you may change your password by following the steps on this webpage: https://accounts.sphero.com/account.

I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it by following the steps on this webpage: https://accounts.sphero.com/password/forgot.

Can you send me my password without resetting it?

In an effort to ensure the security of our users, all passwords are stored in an encrypted state. It is impossible for the Sphero Authorizer platform to send you a plain-text copy of your password. However, you can choose a new password by following the steps on this webpage: https://accounts.sphero.com/password/forgot.

App Basics

Sphero Authorizer accounts allow you to share select personal details with applications that require them in order to function. In order to access your information, an application creator must first register their mobile app or website with the Sphero Authorizer platform. During the registration, process they must specify all information they need from Sphero Authorizer accounts. No personal data is shared until the Sphero Authorizer user explicitly approves the app request during the app install process.

How do I add an app and share my details?

The most common way to add an Authorizer app is to visit a website or install a mobile app that integrates with Sphero Authorizer. Choosing this option will temporarily redirect the user to Sphero Authorizer, where they can decide whether or not to share their information with the requesting application. If the Sphero Authorizer user grants access to the requesting application, they will be redirected back to the requesting site or app, and their personal data will be shared.

Where can I see all the apps I’ve added?

Once you have signed into your Sphero Authorizer account, you can see a list of installed apps by visiting this webpage in a browser: https://accounts.sphero.com/account.

Where can I find a list of available apps?

The Sphero Authorizer platform is not an app store, and therefore does not currently maintain a list of Sphero Authorizer powered apps.

How do I remove an app?

To remove an app simply click the “revoke access” button associated with the app in question. You can find a list of your installed apps by visiting this webpage in a browser: https://accounts.sphero.com/account.

What details are shared with third-party app creators?

Currently the Sphero Authorizer shares first name, last name, screen name, and email address with the requesting app.

How do I approve an app on behalf of my child?

To approve an app on behalf of your child, your child must first sign up for a Sphero Authorizer account. Accounts for children twelve and younger require a screen name, date of birth, and parent’s email address.

The Sphero Authorizer platform will send an email the parent’s email address. The message will contain a link to approve or reject your child’s app request. Clicking the link in the email and following the instructions on the corresponding webpage will allow you to complete this process.